Find out what the wrongful death statutes of limitations in Montana are and how they can affect your personal injury claim.

Our Attorneys Dec 13, 2016

Learn about the most common injuries that result from motorcycle accidents caused by the negligence of car, truck, van, and SUV drivers.

Our Attorneys Nov 14, 2016

Tipp Coburn Schandelson PC again sponsors local production of Rocky Horror Picture Show Live! October 29-30, 2016 at the Wilma Theatre in Missoula MT.

Our Attorneys Oct 17, 2016

Speeding can increase the risks of serious car accidents occurring. After an auto collision, injury attorneys can help with lawsuits against reckless drivers.

Oct 13, 2016

Tipp Coburn Schandelson PC is again sponsoring the annual Montana Innocence Project Open House.

Oct 05, 2016

Tipp & Buley client Richard Raugust was freed from custody for the first time in over 18 years on Friday, December 4, after Judge Jim…

Dec 07, 2015

Montana law specifically recognizes that a lawsuit may be brought for fraud. As in most states, fraud in Montana may be “either actual or constructive.”…

Nov 02, 2015

Personal injury cases are most always premised on an act of negligence on the part of one person that resulted in an injury to another.…

Oct 29, 2015

If you’ve suffered a personal injury for which there are multiple potential causes, joint and several liability may come into play. Although the terminology may…

Oct 26, 2015

The star of the 1999 movie “Ten Things I Hate About You” was busted earlier this year for selling kombucha, a fermented tea drink, at…

Oct 23, 2015

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Torrance represented me in a very complex breach of contract/wrongful termination case ... Extremely knowledgeable and professional. I can't recommend him highly enough. David - actual client

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