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Is Breaking the Law an Act of Negligence?

Personal injury cases are most always premised on an act of negligence on the part of one person that resulted in an injury to another.…

Oct 29, 2015

What Could Joint and Several Liability Mean to Me?

If you’ve suffered a personal injury for which there are multiple potential causes, joint and several liability may come into play. Although the terminology may…

Oct 26, 2015

One of the Things I Hate About Kombucha: It Got Andrew Keegan Arrested

The star of the 1999 movie “Ten Things I Hate About You” was busted earlier this year for selling kombucha, a fermented tea drink, at…

Oct 23, 2015

Bear Poaching Not Taken Lightly in Montana

Outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing are important to Montana's tourism industry as well as to state residents. Unfortunately, there are those, both residents…

Oct 21, 2015

Is a Man's Home His Castle for the Purpose of Self Defense?

A highly publicized, tragic shooting in Billings has highlighted Montana law on homicide and self-defense. In May, 15-year-old MacKeon Schulte and another teenage boy went…

Oct 19, 2015

What Constitutes Statutory Rape?

In Montana, the legal definition of rape is "sexual intercourse without consent." As inferred by the name, it simply means that one person was subjected…

Oct 15, 2015

Facebook is Off Limits to Employers in Montana

Facebook and other social media sites became off limits to employers in Montana as of April 23, 2015 when House Bill 343 was signed into…

Oct 12, 2015

Employment Investigations: Silence is No Longer Golden

When employers are conducting investigations into employee or company wrongdoing, it is standard practice for interviewees to be instructed not to talk about the case…

Oct 08, 2015

EEOC Relies on Supreme Court Decision to Ban Sexual Orientation Discrimination

In July, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  issued a decision in a federal government discrimination case in which it was stated that discrimination based on…

Oct 05, 2015

Can I Sue the Owner of a Dog that Bites Me?

Often, lawyers are asked about whether a lawsuit may be brought for harm caused by a dog bite. Montana does permit recovery for injuries due…

Oct 02, 2015

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