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Do I Have any Legal Recourse if My Tattoo Becomes Infected?

Individuals have the right to sue others for injuries they sustain that were a result of wrongdoing. In Montana, civil actions for money damages can…

Jul 31, 2015

Do I Have a Legal Right to Vacation Time and Sick Leave?

There are no federal or state laws that mandate employers to grant vacation time or routine sick leave. The federal Family and Medical Leave Act,…

Jul 30, 2015

Jumping through Hoops: Medical and Chiropractic Panels in Montana

In an effort to stem the number of medical malpractice suits being brought in the state court system, Montana has established a system of Medical…

Jul 30, 2015

Can I Be Liable in Montana for Serving Alcohol at a Party at My House?

The State of Montana is one of 30 states that have statutes that specifically allow civil liability in cases of injury resulting from alcohol consumption.…

Jul 30, 2015

Standard in Excessive Force Claims for Pretrial Detainees in Jail: Kingsley v. Hendrickson

The use of excessive force by police officers has certainly taken center stage lately in some high profile incidents like the one that occurred in…

Jul 27, 2015

How Does the Montana Supreme Court Treat Punitive Damage Awards

One question sometimes posed by our new clients regards the applicability of punitive damage awards in Montana. Punitive damages are awarded by juries after the…

Jul 24, 2015

What Does a Personal Injury Case Look Like?

A personal injury lawsuit looks like a debate between two people. Each person has a point of view that he or his legal representative makes…

Jul 23, 2015

What Is a Personal Injury Case?

A personal injury case is a lawsuit filed by an individual against another person, company, or entity for damages. There are essentially three types of…

Jul 22, 2015

If Uber Becomes a Reality in Montana this Year, What Legal Issues Will It Present?

The Montana Legislature has passed a law opening the door for Uber, the smartphone app-based ride- sharing service, to begin doing business in the state.…

Jul 21, 2015

Wife's Lawsuit Against City for Husband's Skateboarding Death Proceeds

The Supreme Court of the State of Montana has dealt another blow to the ability of governmental entities to avoid liability for personal injuries. Governments…

Jul 20, 2015

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