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Charged with a DUI? Refused a breath or blood test? Has your driver’s license been suspended? You need help from the DUI lawyers at Tipp Coburn & Associates PC in Missoula, MT. We offer a free initial consultation so you can get the advice you need as quickly as possible. Tipp Coburn & Associates PC​ is a Missoula based law firm with vast experience in the defense of those charged with driving under the influence. Our attorneys are leading forces in DUI Defense in Montana, garnering the respect of clients, colleagues, prosecutors, and judges. We represent our clients from start to finish with professionalism, zealousness, and above all else, with your goals in mind.

Here's How We Can Help

Our attorneys do much more than plead you not guilty and set the case for trial. We have the training and experience to fully evaluate a DUI case and find any and all weaknesses in the State’s evidence. Many of our cases are won through pre-trial litigation, such as motions to suppress and motions to dismiss. Examples of defenses you may have to your DUI charges include:

Law enforcement error: There are strict procedures that must be followed when you are stopped for DUI. We thoroughly review the police report, any video coverage of your traffic stop, the field sobriety test and your arrest.

Faulty equipment: If you submit to a breathalyzer test, we investigate to determine whether it was administered correctly and confirm that the equipment was working properly.

Field sobriety tests: A field sobriety test may involve the driver being asked to balance standing on one leg, walking a straight line and turning, or the nystagmus test (jerking movement of your eye). There are a variety of defenses available to challenge the validity of field sobriety tests. In fact, each of our attorneys spends a considerable amount of time, energy, and money on education, keeping abreast of developments in DUI law, and receiving the same training as the officer on breath testing and field sobriety tests. Several of our DUI attorneys have completed NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Training, and have been certified on numerous breath-testing devices.

DUI law in Montana is a highly complex area of practice, and our attorneys have the experience, education, and skills necessary to effectively defend you.

Additionally, if you are also facing an administrative license suspension, we will fight for your license by filing a petition in Montana District Court seeking to have your driver’s license restored.

Obtain the Defense You Need

When you hire a Tipp Coburn & Associates PC attorney to represent you, the State knows we are ready, willing and more than able to go to trial. While many attorneys advise their clients to plead guilty at the first sign of trouble, we dig deeper, force the State to work, and try the case with only one goal: acquittal.

Often, even those clients who do not desire to take a case to trial benefit from our reputation of taking cases to trial and winning, because prosecutors are more likely to give our clients favorable dispositions. DUI law in Montana is a highly complex area of practice, and our attorneys have the experience, education, and skills necessary to effectively defend you. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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Our attorneys have been fighting for Montanans since 1959. Over the years, we have represented more than 7,500 clients and helped them recover millions of dollars in compensation. We are affiliated with renowned legal organizations, including The National Trial Lawyers and the Montana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

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