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How to Make an Effective Personal Injury Claim for Whiplash

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2015 | Firm News

Whiplash injuries has a somewhat shaky reputation among the general public, as they are often associated with faked injuries and false claims. Genuine whiplash sufferers, however, understand what a serious medical condition it truly is.

Whiplash can be extremely painful, disrupting every aspect of the victim’s life. Often, victims are unable to work or tend to their family’s needs for a certain period of time, and if they do, they are exposed to significant pain and suffering. Whiplash is also difficult to treat, requiring substantial medical care and attention.

For this reason, many whiplash victims turn to personal injury lawsuits as a way to seek compensation for their medical bills, pain and suffering, and other losses. Unfortunately, personal injury suits based on whiplash claims can be challenging; it is important that you take certain steps to help support your case.

  • If you have been in a car accident, do not make statements about how you feel at the scene of the crash. Instead, seek out the attention of a doctor. Your physician will be able to provide a more comprehensive description of your physical condition than you will.
  • Whiplash injuries often take hours or days to manifest themselves; if, in the aftermath of the accident, you begin to feel pain or stiffness in your neck or upper back, seek out medical attention immediately. Successful treatment of whiplash depends upon prompt rehabilitation.
  • If your doctor confirms you have whiplash, it is time to speak to an attorney about filing a personal injury claim. An experienced personal injury lawyer will work closely with you on all aspects of your legal case, helping you maximize the your compensation.

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