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Our Missoula Criminal Defense Attorneys Fight To Protect Your Rights And Freedom

Being accused of a crime and facing criminal charges is overwhelming. Our lawyers at Tipp Coburn Lockwood, P.C., founded in Missoula in 1959, have represented more than 7,500 clients throughout Montana. Our firm is affiliated with The National Trial Lawyers and Montana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. If you or someone you love has been arrested or facing charges for a crime, our criminal defense lawyers will passionately defend your rights and work to preserve your freedom.

Criminal Defense For Misdemeanors, Felonies And Violent Crimes

Criminal charges can range in severity from misdemeanors or felonies. No matter how minor or serious the charges are against you, our criminal defense attorneys customize a defense strategy tailored to the facts and circumstances of your case. We represent clients accused of the following crimes:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI)
  • Drug possession, distribution and trafficking
  • Sex offenses, sexual assault and rape
  • Trespassing, theft and burglary
  • Assault and criminal endangerment
  • Homicide and attempted homicide

We represent clients who have been accused of crimes against property, like theft, or crimes of violence, like assault. No matter what crimes you’ve been accused of committing, we will prepare an aggressive defense on your behalf.

What Is The Difference Between A Criminal Defense Attorney And A Public Defender?

Anyone who is accused of a crime has the right to an attorney. In the state of Montana, if you cannot afford an attorney, a public defender will be appointed on your behalf. In order to be eligible for a public defender, you will have to prove that you meet the qualifications and that your income does not exceed a certain threshold.

Public defenders often have a large caseload. To manage their heavy caseload, they might try to steer you towards a plea bargain offered by the prosecutor to avoid prolonging the case or going to trial. Due to this caseload, it is also difficult for public defenders to take calls or make themselves available for their clients. A private criminal defense attorney will be able to provide you with personalized service and a customized legal strategy.

Why Work With A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Our Missoula defense attorneys will only negotiate a plea bargain on your behalf if we truly believe that it is in your best interests. Also, we are not afraid to go to trial if necessary on your behalf. We prioritize personal attention and fast communication. Our attorneys will keep you informed about the status of your case from the first call to the conclusion of your case.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You Avoid Penalties

Penalties for a felony charge can include prison time of a year or more. Even misdemeanor charges can still include jail time of up to one year. Any criminal charge can result in the loss of your rights, costly fines and other penalties that negatively impact your future. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you build a strong defense to attack the state’s evidence against you and help you avoid the most serious charges and penalties.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You Avoid A Criminal Record

A criminal record could haunt you long after you pay your fines and complete your prison sentence. A conviction on your criminal record can make it harder to find a job or a place to live. If you are convicted of certain sex crimes, you may also be required to register as a sex offender.

Testimonials From Past Criminal Defense Clients

“My family and I are forever indebted to Ms. Lockwood. From consultation to resolution (dismissal without prejudice within two weeks of retainer) she remained professional, understanding, and resolute. She was consistently straightforward, held no punches…..”

-J.T., 2022

“Ms. Lockwood is incredibly knowledgeable, respectful, professional and very dedicated attorney. I am truly pleased that we won the case, what she has done and cannot thank enough to her. I would highly recommend her service if one needs an attorney in Montana.”

-H. N., 2022

“I am from Washington state and got in trouble in Montana I have been dealing with this situation for around 3 years and Bryan Tipp tackled the scenario I very tenaciously. I am very pleased to not be in jail or prison…”

-D.D., 2022

“This is a great place with great people. If I could have afforded the services, I would have taken full-time help from them. But even though I can’t, that doesn’t change the fact that they were willing to take the time out of their day to try and make my day a little better…”

-T.G., 2016

“Bryan Tipp, Sarah Lockwood, and all of the staff… are top quality and incredibly dedicated. I can’t speak more highly of their dedication and passion for helping those in need.”

-E.N., 2020

“From consultation to resolution (dismissal without prejudice within two weeks of retainer) she remained professional, understanding, and resolute… In short, the best $ our family has ever spent.  We truly cannot thank Ms. Lockwood and her staff enough.”

-J.T., 2022

Protect Your Rights And Schedule A Free Consultation With A Criminal Defense Attorney

Even if you have been charged with a crime, you still have rights. A defense attorney can ensure that your rights are protected throughout the entire process. Our criminal defense attorneys have decades of experience and intimately understand local and statewide criminal laws.

To schedule a free consultation, call our office at 406-389-4215 or send us an email using our online form. We look forward to telling you more about how we can help you fight the charges you are facing.