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Montana Superintendent On Administrative Leave Due to Assault Charges

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2015 | Firm News

When most people think of the consequences associated with breaking the law, their mind often drifts to jail cells and probation officers. The consequences of a conviction – or even an accusation – go beyond incarceration, however.
This was proven in Bonner, Montana, where a local superintendent has been placed on administrative leave following an alleged assault. The incident occurred on March 31; the superintendent is accused of striking a teenaged family member in the face several times. The man has been employed in the school district for 12 years and in 2012 was named “Western Montana Superintendent of the Year.”
Following the accusations, the man was placed on administrative leave by the local school board. Officials say student safety was never compromised and they are not currently seeking a replacement. The man pleaded not guilty at an April 1 hearing.
When faced with criminal accusations, it is important to consider all of the effects that a conviction will have upon your life. In addition to jail time, fines, probation and other restrictions, many who are accused of a crime face subsequent difficulties in their career. This is particularly true in professions such as education, health care, law enforcement and politics. For many, a conviction could mean the long-term disruption of their livelihood.
These are important considerations for defendants and the criminal defense attorneys who work with them. An experienced attorney will consider these and other issues when attempting to pursue a resolution that works in the client’s best interests.
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