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Types of Car Accident Injures

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2015 | Firm News

It goes without saying that car accidents vary wildly in their severity. While many accidents end with both drivers walking away unharmed, others can result in serious injuries, disfigurement or disability. Serious injuries, disfigurement and long term disabilities can result in substantial and ongoing medical bills for ongoing care, and other economic losses related to loss of income and employability.
What is less obvious to many drivers is that the speed of the crash does not always correlate with the severity of the injury. A high-speed collision may cause only minor injuries, while a relatively slow rear-end crash can still leave victims with a lifetime of pain and discomfort. In the aftermath of a relatively minor accident, it is important that drivers do not dismiss or ignore any injuries, as the damage can become more severe if left untreated.

Some car accident injuries are more common than others. Soft tissue injuries, those that do not result in broken bones, but instead impact muscles and ligaments, are common. Whiplash may occur when the victim’s head is quickly rocked forward and then back, straining the neck muscles and ligaments. Like many neck injuries, whiplash is both painful and difficult to treat. Sufferers may face a long and painful road to recovery. Whiplash injuries often occur in rear-end accidents – even accidents that occur at relatively low speeds.
The most serious of car accident injuries are head injuries. Victims of car accidents often strike their heads on the windshield or against windows in the moment of impact, causing a traumatic brain injury. Concussions, contusions, skull fractures and coup-contrecoup injuries can leave a victim with memory problems, trouble concentrating and other long-term cognitive impairments. Serious injuries can result in a coma, from which the victim will likely face a long and difficult recovery.
Long-term or permanent injuries put a serious financial strain on victims. Medical bills can stack up quickly, and time spent away from the workplace puts a hold on the money coming in. Car accident victims facing these challenges can seek compensation by pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. These lawsuits seek to repay victims for both their financial losses, such as medical bills and lost wages, and their noneconomic losses, such as disability, emotional suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.
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