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Auto Accidents Caused by Wrong Way Drivers

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2017 | Firm News

Any auto accident has the potential to cause serious injuries resulting in significant financial losses. However, certain types of accidents are known to be more dangerous than others. Auto accidents caused by wrong way driving are some of the most hazardous accidents. That’s because, in most cases, wrong way driving accidents involve head-on collisions. These types of car accidents can set someone back physically, emotionally, and financially.

It may seem easy to prove fault in an accident caused by wrong way driving, but that doesn’t mean the liable party’s insurance company will provide accident victims with the full extent of compensation they deserve. At the law offices of Tipp Coburn Schandelson PC, we will fight for victims of auto accidents involving wrong way driving to ensure our Missoula, MT clients are justly compensated for the full extent of their damages.

Causes of Wrong Way Accidents

Wrong way accidents should be some of the easiest to avoid. However, statistics continue to show that wrong way driving is a leading cause of car crashes. Wrong way driving nearly always boils down to driver neglect or recklessness. In fact, according to data, roughly 60 percent of wrong way driving accidents are caused by drunk drivers. When a person’s mental capacities are impaired by drugs or alcohol, or when they simply neglect to give the road the attention and respect it deserves, wrong way accidents can occur.

Some of the most common types of wrong way driving include the following:

  • Entering a freeway on the exit ramp instead of the on ramp
  • Turning the wrong direction onto a one-way street
  • Driving on the wrong side of a road or highway

When Are Wrong Way Accidents Most Common?

As with any other car accident, a wrong way accident can take place at any time of the day. But, statistically, wrong way driving is most common in the late night and early morning, between the hours of midnight and 6am. This may be for a couple of reasons.

First, these hours are when drunk driving is most prevalent, and we have already established that drunk driving is a leading cause of wrong way accidents. Second, visibility is reduced at night. While one-way streets and exit ramps are clearly marked with “One Way” and “Do Not Enter” signs, the signs are harder to see when light is reduced. If drivers are not paying attention to their driving, or are impaired, they may miss these signs.

Victim Rights

Victims of wrong way driving accidents have a right to financial compensation for their damages. These types of accidents are especially harmful, and can result in severe injuries that require costly and lengthy medical treatment. Depending on the unique circumstances of each case, victims may be due compensation for losses such as medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Our experienced team of attorneys is happy to help accident victims determine the extent of damages they may be due.

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