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Robbery is one of the leading property crimes across the nation. Although robbery is illegal, there are laws in this country to protect those who have been charged with this crime. Our justice system works under the assumption that every individual is innocent until proven guilty. Still people may be quick to make judgements when someone has been charged with a crime. This is why it is so important that individuals who have been arrested for robbery work with experienced property crimes attorneys who will provide a strong defense to reduce or clear any criminal charges.

At Tipp Coburn Schandelson PC, our property crimes attorneys have over 55 years of experience. Our legal team is able to provide criminal defense in robbery cases to protect the rights of our Missoula, MT and Coeur d’Alene, MT clients.

Defining Robbery

There are many types of property crimes. To the average person, there may not seem to be any difference between trespassing, burglary, and robbery. However, in terms of the law, these are starkly different offenses. By legal definition, robbery is the act of stealing someone’s property with the use of force, or under the threat of force. All robberies are considered violent crimes, even if the perpetrator only threatened violence and did not actually harm anyone. As a violent crime, robbery can carry harsh criminal punishment, including a prison sentence ranging from two to 40 years, and a fine of up to $50,000.

Defense Options

Anyone who has been charged with robbery can benefit from the knowledge and experience of the property crimes attorneys at our practice. Our attorneys will explore all possible defense options to build the strongest case possible for our clients. Our goal is to have criminal charges dismissed whenever possible, but even when a client is found guilty, we will build a defense to fight for the minimum criminal punishment.

Some of the defense strategies that may be used in robbery cases include:

  • Claim of ownership: This defense can be an effective strategy if we have evidence to show that defendants took something that they believed to be theirs.
  • Entrapment: If our client was tricked or pressured by someone else to commit a robbery, we are likely to use an entrapment defense.
  • Return of property: If a robbery suspect returned stolen property, or took the property with the intention of returning it (i.e. they borrowed it), a return of property defense may be used. A return of property defense may reduce a sentence in the case of a plea deal.
  • Restitution: Stolen property cannot always be returned. However, if the suspect is willing to provide financial restitution for stolen or damaged property, the court will take that into consideration when determining sentencing.

Along with these defense strategies, we get to know each of our clients personally so that we can build the strongest defense case possible. Our clients can feel confident and secure knowing that their legal rights will be protected.

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