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If you have been arrested for robbery, burglary, criminal trespassing, or shoplifting, our property crimes attorneys at Tipp Coburn Lockwood, P.C., in Missoula, will use their extensive knowledge to vigilantly defend your rights. Our attorneys have over 55 years of experience in Montana criminal defense law, including the defense of property crimes. We will carefully review your case and the evidence against you, and will also get to know you personally to build a strong defense. At Tipp Coburn Lockwood, we can provide you with the aggressive legal representation you need. Contact our law firm today if you have been arrested for a property crime.

Most Common Property Crimes

There are many different property crimes, and though they all may seem similar, there are several differences between each of them. The penalties for each of these crimes varies, and the sentence you receive can depend on a number of factors, including whether this is your first offense and what was stolen.

  • Robbery: This type of property crime involves stealing someone’s property, either with the use of force or the threat to use force. Robbery is considered a violent crime, even if you only threaten violence and do not actually cause harm to the victim.
  • Burglary: Burglary often involves theft, but not always. Burglary is entering a structure or dwelling, either with or without the use of force, with the intent to commit a crime there.
  • Criminal trespassing: If you enter and remain on a person’s property without the property owner’s consent, you may be convicted of criminal trespassing. This can include various types of property, such as a house or apartment, place of business, or someone’s car.
  • Shoplifting: Shoplifting is the theft of goods or merchandise from a retail store or other place of business, usually under the pretenses of acting as a customer.
  • Criminal mischief: Destroying or damaging another’s property could end with you facing Criminal Mischief charges.  Depending on the value of the property affected, you could be facing a felony.

Working With Our Attorneys

Our expert attorneys will work with you through every step of the process, to ensure you are prepared and understand the charges against you, as well as our proposed defense. We get to know each of our clients personally, which allows us to provide you with a far stronger defense.

Our attorneys will use their 55-plus years of experience to vigilantly defend your rights.

If you have an otherwise clean criminal record, free from a history of past crimes, we will use this information to build a strong defense. This information can help us ensure you receive a reduced sentence. Some common defense we use for clients arrested for property crimes include:

  • Claim of ownership: If you took something that you thought was yours and we can provide sufficient evidence to support this claim, it can be an effective defense.
  • Return of property: If you returned the stolen property, that act can sometimes help in receiving a reduced sentence in a plea deal. If you took the property with the intention of returning it, meaning you borrowed the item, and can provide sufficient evidence to support this claim, this can also be an effective defense.
  • Restitution: Often being ready, willing, and able to make restitution payment for any property damage can greatly affect how your case will be handled by the prosecutor and the judge.
  • Entrapment: If you were induced to commit a crime by someone else that you would not have otherwise committed, this is known as entrapment. This can be a viable defense in property crimes cases.

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