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Our Missoula Car Accident Attorneys Provide Advice For What To Do After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Getting into a car accident can be traumatic. But sometimes, it helps to have thought about what you would do if a motor vehicle accident happens, before you are ever in one. Tipp Coburn Lockwood, P.C. was founded in 1959 in Missoula. Our lawyers have handled thousands of cases, including the representation of personal injury clients and car accident victims throughout western Montana. Here, they put together some suggestions for what you should do if you are ever in a car accident.

Important Steps To Take After A Car Accident

No matter what type of motor vehicle accident you are involved in, the following important steps can help you preserve evidence and set your case up for the best chance of success should you ever need to file a claim with an insurance company or even file a personal injury lawsuit.

  • Seek medical attention: Obviously, if someone is severely injured it is important to call for medical assistance right away. But even in the days or weeks that follow, it is important to pay attention to your body’s aches and pains. Soft-tissue injuries caused by whiplash in your back and neck don’t always present themselves right away. If any pain or soreness does show up, seek medical attention.
  • Notify the police: If you are involved in a car accident that results in $1000 or more in damages, or if someone has been injured, Montana law requires that you contact the police. In addition, a police report could become valuable evidence in a potential personal injury claim.
  • Gather evidence and information: If it is safe to do so and your injuries don’t prevent you from doing so, try to gather as much evidence and information from the scene as possible. For example, contact information with witness names and information can be invaluable later. Photographs of the other drivers’ insurance cards is an easy way to get the necessary information. Photographs of the cars’ license plates and the position of the cars can also be helpful if any sort of investigation has to happen later.
  • Follow the doctor’s medical advice: If you do seek medical attention after an accident, it is important to follow the doctor’s medical advice as a failure to do so could affect your possible claims for damages.

It is also important to contact your insurance company to let them know you were in an accident. Montana is a comparative fault state, which means that the driver who was responsible for the accident will have to pay. Your insurance company will be interested in knowing who was at fault for the accident.

Hire An Experienced Car Accident Attorney

One of the most important steps you can take after you’ve been in a car accident is to hire an experienced attorney. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you file insurance claims, talk you through the important steps to take and answer any of your questions. A lawyer can advocate on your behalf, taking over the work of negotiating a settlement on your behalf so that you can focus on your recovery and getting better.

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