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Sexual offenses can be damaging to your future. It is therefore essential to have an experienced defense attorney by your side. The experience sexual offenses attorneys at Tipp Coburn Lockwood, P.C., in Missoula, will aggressively defend against allegations of rape, prostitution, indecent exposure, or child pornography. Even an accusation of a sex crime can be detrimental to your reputation, so it is critical to work with attorneys who have extensive experience in defending accused sexual offenders. If you or a loved one has been charged with a sex crime, contact our law firm today for the aggressive legal representation you need to effectively defend your case.

Common Sexual Offenses

Sexual offenses are serious crimes in the state of Montana, and such crimes are often charged as felonies. Common sexual offenses we defend against include:

  • Rape: In the state of Montana, the age of consent is 16. Sexual intercourse with any child under the age of 16 is considered statutory rape, or “sexual intercourse without consent”. Rape is sexual intercourse without the consent of the victim.
  • Prostitution: You can be charged with prostitution if you physically participate in, agree to participate in, or offer to participate in any form of sexual intercourse or conduct with another for some form of compensation. You can be convicted whether you are the one paying or receiving compensation for services offered or rendered.
  • Indecent exposure: In Montana, indecent exposure applies to the exposure of your genitals in public with the intent to alarm, offend, or harass another, or for the purposes of sexual arousal.
  • Child pornography: This serious crime includes photographs, videos, and other media of any child under the age of 16 exhibiting or engaging in sexual conduct. You can be charged for possessing child pornography; filming, photographing, or reproducing child pornography; and using or permitting the use of child pornography. Such charges carry serious consequences of extensive jail time, steep fines, and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

Consequences Of Sexual Offenses

Regardless of a conviction, the accusation of a sexual offense can carry serious consequences, including:

  • Stigma: Whether you are convicted of a sex crime or not, the stigma of being associated with the crime can negatively impact your personal or professional relationships. If convicted, it can affect your ability to find future employment and other areas of your life.
  • Registration as a sex offender: Less serious crimes, such as indecent exposure can result in the requirement of lifetime registration as a sex offender. This is a public list and can hinder your ability to find housing and employment. It can also impact your personal relationships and may affect the way others treat you and your family.
  • Jail time and fines: Most convicted sex crimes result in jail time and fines, though the amount of time served is often dependent on the severity of the crime. You are likely to serve much less jail time for an indecent exposure offense than you would for rape. In Montana, most instances of rape are punishable by anywhere from 25 years to a lifetime in prison and up to $50,000 in fines.

Working With Tipp Coburn Lockwood

Any accusation or conviction of a sex crime can have a significant, negative impact on your future. Therefore, it is crucial to work with an attorney who has extensive experience and knowledge defending against sexual offense charges.

The attorneys of Tipp Coburn Lockwood, P.C., will aggressively defend allegations of rape, prostitution, indecent exposure and child pornography.

With more than 55 years of experience defending against sex crimes, our attorneys can build a strong defense for your case to secure either reduced charges or a reduced sentence. For instance, a reduced sentence may be obtained in rape cases if both parties are under age, or if sexual intercourse does not occur and there is less than three years’ difference in age.

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The attorneys of Tipp Coburn Lockwood, P.C., will aggressively defend allegations of rape, prostitution, indecent exposure and child pornography. If you or a loved one has been charged with a sexual offense, contact our law firm today.

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